Traitor, Eyrie, The Luminaries, At Night We Walk in Circles

traitorTraitor by Stephen Daisley is a compelling book to read. Such an amazing story of friendship and sacrifice. It puts a whole new spin on the ANZAC image and soldiers who fought in Gallipoli. It was a pleasure to read.


EyrieEyrie by Tim Winton. I love Tim Winton. I love his characters. I don’t always like his characters but they are realistic and often down trodden. I’m not sure who was pushing the antagonist along his path or whether he was simply pulled that way. People can lead such difficult lives; lives that they never expected to lead. We all have dreams of a future but we do not always end up living in that future. I was not expecting the ending.

luminariesThe Luminaries by Eleanor Catton is the best book I have read in a long time. Such a complicated and intriguing tale. I’m still trying to follow the gold trail just to make sure that I understand exactly what happened. Catton uses a wonderful depth of characters so much so that you can see and hear them mulling over the events. I am amazed that a person of Catton’s age can produce such an imaginary and compelling tale. Thank you Ms Catton.

AlarconAt Night We Walk in Circles by Daniel Alarcón was another surprising book that my husband borrowed from the library. I was never sure exactly where this novel was leading me or where it was going to end up. I was guessing right to the end. It circles through the Andean villages of what I presume is Peru, and back to the city (Lima). I found it entriguing and I did like the characters this time.

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