El amanacer de un marido, Last Man in Tower, There but for the

El amanacer de un marido by Hector Abad Faciolince is not my most recommended book of short stories. Fiction is not true but the writer should make the reader feel as if the story could be true. These stories were incomplete and farcical, and even with my limited ability to read Spanish, I did not appreciate any of them.

Last Man in Tower by Aravind Adiga wasn’t quite what I had expected. Here are a bunch of characters living in an apartment block trying to reach a consensus on their lives. There are the aspirational greedy ones who want to sell up and move to nicer digs. And there is the stubborn, principled teacher who refuses to be bullied into moving. I didn’t feel much sympathy for any of them and found the story difficult to read. I lacked empathy with the characters, which I felt was needed in order to appreciate the story.

There but for theby Ali Smith did not quite gel together for me. It is an unusual concept – someone comes to dinner at your house and then locks himself in one of your bedrooms. He then stays for sometime.

The story unfolds around four people who only vaguely know then man or who have not seen him for many years. We find out little bits about the man but not a lot. The four people are not connected in any other way. I found it difficult to be involved in such a story. The connections between the people did not seem strong enough to maintain the story.

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