The Harmony Silk Factory, Midnight’s Children, My Hundred Lovers

Midnight's childrenMidnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie is considered to be one of those must read books in your lifetime. I am glad I read this adventurous tale of a child born at the stroke of India’s independence. The child’s life is linked forever to the growth and emergence of India into its existence today. I found it a bit confusing but magical. I am in awe of Rushdie’s ability to spin a tale out of a fine cotton thread.

Hundred loversMy Hundred Lovers by Susan Johnson made me wish that I had a life like the character. Maybe we all have such a life and it is a matter of putting all the little loves into perspective. The hundred lovers are not only human loves they are also nature loves and object loves. This is my first Johnson book and I think I’ll try a few more.


Harmony silk factoryThe Harmony Silk Factory by Tash Aw made me want to visit the Cameron Highlands where the story is set. Three people have three different interpretations of the story and you never know which is closer to the truth. Family and friends are driven to live different lives during the Japanese invasion of Malaysia, and they also see their lives in a different way to each other. I found the book very intriguing.

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