A Universe From Nothing, The Chemistry of Tears, The Magic of Reality, Jennifer Government

The Chemistry of Tears by Peter Carey. I love Peter Carey with his interest in the technical as well as the emotional – from glass churches to forgery to automatons. I did not think that the extent of her grief was evident and the concept of ‘overcoming’ grief through distraction was disappointing to see.

The Magic of Reality by Richard Dawkins. My sons were fascinated to discover that their 185 millionth great grandfather was a fish. When they are a little bit older, they can read this book and discover the wonders of what is real. As Dawkins says, the real is far more magical than the myths.

Jennifer Government by Max Barry. Wow what a marketing ride. I kept wondering what my name would be in such a society. As I work for the Government, I guess it would be Trudie Government but not quite in the same stream of work as Jennifer Government. In some ways, Barry’s society is not that far away.


A Universe From Nothing by Lawrence M Krauss opened my eyes just a little bit more to the wonders of this universe (or possible, multiverse). This book provides proven details on the life and times of our universe and possibilities for the future of our universe. I did not know that the universe was 13.72 billion years old or that scientists could actually date the universe with such accuracy. I wish I had studied physics at school and then I would have been able to understand more of this book but I am happy to say that I am at peace with a universe from nothing because something always comes from nothing; the irrelevance of the God conspiracy continues.

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