Machine Man, The Fix, Sarah Thornhill, The Leftovers

Machine Man by Max Barry is taken to the extremes. I coped with the whole concept at first but I was a not taken in by the ending. Barry’s ability to exaggerate to such an extreme amazes me. I thought he would stop with a leg or two and then maybe arms but no, it got a lot worse than that. One minor criticism is that the setting of Machine Man reminds me very much of setting for Company.

Barry also has provided the best book trailer to go with this book:

The Fix by Nick Earls is an easy, lazy read. I’m not used to such books but it was enjoyable and I realised that getting to the truth is not always easy. I’m not that keen on PR and advertising but I know such people exist in order to promote and ‘fix’ for the media.

Sarah Thornhill by Kate Grenville was not as frustrating as The Secret River. Sarah is a strong character who is trying to come to terms with a life she didn’t expect to lead. She does come to understand her life and to cherish certain parts while letting go of those parts she no longer requires on her journey.


The Leftovers by Tom Perrotta – I wasn’t expect to enjoy this book but I did. The title makes me think of remnants on a plate or bits of material not used in the final dressmaking product. The people in the book are remnants of themselves, searching for a way to exist in a world that has changed beyond their comprehension. Each person learns to cope in their own way; as with most aspects of life.

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