Istanbul, My Name is Red, Silent House, Snow

IstanbulIstanbul by Orhan Pamuk was a must read on our travels through Turkey and my first Pamuk book. Pamuk is a Nobel prize winner and a household name in Turkey. Istanbul is a very personal memoir of Pamuk’s city. It was interesting but it was a sensitive and emotional reading of his city.


My name is redMy Name is Red by Orhan Pamuk was, for me, a better choice of reading material than Istanbul. This book is set amidst the world of sultans and the great Ottoman Empire. I learned a great deal about art and its alignment with religion. I really enjoyed this book.


Silent houseSilent House by Orhan Pamuk was the third of my Pamuk’s books in Turkey. It proves that fundamentalism of any description is a danger to those who simply want to live their lives in peace. A very sad and moving story of links and relationships, and how the disenfranchised see themselves and their world.


SnowSnow (or Kars in the Turkish version) by Orhan Pamuk is my least favourite of his books. I was quite sick of Ka and Kars by the time I reached the end of the story. It was a long three days of being snowed in in Kars. It started off well but I was over the man and the city at the end. I am glad I enjoyed Pamuk’s other books.

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