Home, The Ancestor Game, The Buddha in the Attic, The Hogfather, The Left Hand of Darkness

HomeHome by Toni Morrison. I love Toni Morrison’s books. Her stories are never happy stories but they are real stories. Home is the difficult story of a war veteran and his past. It is not ‘nice’ but it is real and that is what is important.

the ancestor gameThe Ancestor Game by Alex Miller is the first of Miller’s books that I have read. It is an intricate story woven into the fabric of migration and living in-between the worlds but not quite part of each world.

buddha in the atticThe Buddha in the Attic by Julie Otsuka would have been better if it had been more personal. Instead, Otsuka keeps you at arm’s length which leaves you as a bystander instead of a partner on the same journey.

the hogfatherThe Hogfather by Terry Pratchett is wonderful thought-provoking book about belief and faith. It’s what your parents always say when you ask whether Santa Claus is real – if you don’t believe, he won’t come. And so, the Hogfather almost doesn’t come due to lack of belief and faith. The universe is supervised by the Auditors who find humanity’s messiness and chaos doesn’t fit in their well-run, orderly universe. Susan comes to the rescue with her sensible and proper approach to humanity.

Le guinThe Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula LeGuin is a fairly old sci-fi novel which was recommended to me by I can’t remember whom. I had the name of the book written down and can’t remember who had told me to read this book. So I borrowed it from the library and unfortunately it wasn’t that great – it is a fairly old sci-fi novel after all.

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