F, The Flame Throwers, Barracuda, Beneath the Darkening Sky

FF by Daniel Kehlmann is a cyclical tale of three brothers, their relationships with each other and their relationships with their father. They each appear to be failures – a priest who doesn’t believe in god, a financier who has lost all his money and an artist with not enough talent to be famous. The end of the circle was a surprise indeed.
Flame throwersThe Flame Throwers by Rachel Kushner is where art meets speed and then interacts with the politics of workers’ rights. I often wondered where the story was going but Kushner weaves a detailed story linking the somewhat ambiguous concepts together. I guess in the end it is about being yourself.


BarracudaBarracuda by Christos Tsiolkas is a great book. I did love The Slap and I love Barracuda as well. As one review said, Barracuda is really about being a good person. How do you become a good person when you constantly feel that you do not belong? How do you become a good person when you are unable to achieve what you have always thought was your right to achieve? It takes dedication and talent to be a swimmer but it also takes dedication to decide to be a good person.

darkening skyBeneath the Darkening Sky by Majok Tulba was an unexpected book. No one could assume to understand the lives of the child soldiers in the African countries. It’s a heart-breaking story of how everyone has to deal with the situation they find themselves. Some are courageous and others are not but we shouldn’t judge as we do not know what we would do in the same circumstances. I am a bit sick of the ‘male+gun=power’ attitude of men around the world.

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