Bliss, Illywhacker, Oscar and Lucinda

Bliss by Peter Carey is an intriguing concept. Sometimes, we must all wonder whether this life is hell and can well understand waking from a near death experience and seeing the world with a different perspective. What or where is the ‘bliss’ we are all searching? Where is that peace of mind that will stop us from seeing this world as a living hell? Maybe it is in the basic, natural life which many of us crave when forced to really think about life.

Illywhacker by Peter Carey (yes, I’m on a bit of a Peter Carey binge) is the story of Herbert Badgery who from the beginning states that he is a liar. So, is the book essentially full of Herbert’s lies? If so, they are wild and wonderful lies that fill lives to the brim. My only dislike with this book is the apparent disregard for the death of Herbert’s daughter; she simply disappears and that is that. Maybe that is what happens in death anyway, we simply disappear. Surprisingly enough, I was about one third of the way into the book before I realised that I had read Illywhacker before! The story line was becoming very familiar.

Oscar and Lucinda by Peter Carey is another book that I have read before. This time I knew I had read it but I could not quite remember the ending. I honestly have no idea why anyone would fall in love with Oscar; he is such a loser. But I do love Lucinda, who is a strong and independent woman. Gambling is not my thing but I can understand the adrenalin rush of winning and risking all you have. The glass church is a gamble and they knew the consequences of losing the bet but I don’t think either was ready for such a loss.

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