Amnesia, Running Dogs, Gutenberg’s Apprentice

AmnesiaAmnesia by Peter Carey is not one of his best books in my opinion. I did not find the story compelling and I was very disappointed. I am usually a great fan of Peter Carey but this novel did not grab my attention.



running dogsRunning Dogs by Ruby J Murray was another disappointing book – not that I have read any other book of hers. Set in post-colonial Indonesia is a story of elitism and a westerner trying too hard to fit in. I don’t think I’ll look for her next book in a hurry.



gutenbergGutenberg’s Apprentice by Alix Christie was not as good as the hype made it out to be. It is the story of printing the bible in all its detail and that is all it is. There is an attempt at bringing romance and family circumstances into the story but in reality it is the story of creating a beautiful piece of art and making history by printing the bible. Interesting but not worth the hype.

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