About Hunter Soledad

I am a bereaved mother trying to work out how to live in this world. I am the mother of three children – one daughter, two sons. We are all survivors and victims of 29 September 2009 Samoan tsunami; an event that has changed our lives for ever.

Why Hunter Soledad? Hunter is my middle name and Soledad is my daughter’s middle name.

I hope that some of my posts will give people an insight into my world and an understanding of how I feel living without my daughter. I would like people to understand that my grieving and my life is not a choice; it is a reality and a nightmare. I am unable to tell people how I feel but I can write it down.

I hope that some of my posts will assist those who have also lost a child. I know that other people’s posts have helped me.

“He knew how frail is the memory of loved ones. How we close our eyes and speak to them. How we long to hear their voices once again, and how those voices and those memories grow faint and faint until what was flesh and blood is no more than echo and shadow. In the end perhaps not even that.” Cormac McCarthy, ‘Cities of the Plain’, The Border Trilogy, p. 937, 2002, London.

6 Responses to About Hunter Soledad

  1. Annalise Selzer says:

    Dear Amazing Mother of Three
    Thank you for sharing your very personal journey. I’m so sorry for your loss of your beautiful girl. I apologise, if my words are insensitive or akward, as I don’t know how to say it except to say that I think you are very brave! I grieve with you for your precious little girl and cry with you. I would love to pray for you & your family. Thank you for touching my life with yours.
    Love & hugs

    • Thank you Annalise. Something I have learnt is to say something rather than nothing. It doesn’t matter how awkward it feels. Nothing anyone can say would make things worse.

      • Matt says:

        Dear Trudie,
        Matt Anderson here. Just wanted to say – as ever – we were thinking abut you, Jorge and the boys on the 9th anniversary of the Pacific tsunami over the weekend. I imagine the events in Sulawesi have ben an unwelcome reminder, not that you needed one.
        Clea is in our thoughts. Always.

  2. Libby says:

    I found your blog through my aunt who has visited Clea’s library. Your words are so powerful on this blog and I have so much respect for your strength in speaking about your grief.
    My heart aches for the pain and loss you live with every moment of every day. I truly hope this blog gives you some respite.

  3. Ray's Mom says:

    The grief of losing a child is the worst possible pain. The pain of birth is soon forgotten in the loving tenderness of holding the new born. The pain of the death of a child never ends, you only learn to accept and deal with it. God bless you and thank you for visiting justice for Raymond. I am following your blog and look forward to sharing more of your posts.

  4. Robin Crago says:

    Dear Trudie, My name Is Robin Crago and I survived the tsunami at Lalomanu Beach. I sent you a message to your facebook, you will find it in your “other” folder. I hope you will be in touch. Best wishes, Robin x

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