WORMS (white, old, religious men – sad)

It frustrates me more and more each day to see how old white religious men still maintain control over our world. They can’t let go. It’s a sad, sad world run by old white men. And I should point out that, in general, these are conservative old white men who want the world to remain as they know it. Conservative in that they want to conserve life as it is; to remain stale and in control.

I always considered that my political thoughts were not appropriate for a blog about my daughter but I have come to realise that it is appropriate as this is the world we must live in, the world of her brothers and parents, the world she would have had to live in had she lived.

I know that I am generalising and stereotyping but how else do we categorise our world? You don’t have to be old or religious but it seems to help if you are male and preferably white and on the conservative side of politics.

Men have been in control of the world since time immemorial mainly because of their testosterone (and, hence, muscle power) and their aggression (anger and being competitive helps when you’re trying to laud it over people). Men have taken advantage of the toll on women that child bearing and all that goes with it has – menstruation, pregnancy, labour, hormonal imbalance, iron depletion, menopause etc etc. As with worms, these WORMS have burrowed into all parts of society and have taken hold.

Men have created a world which suits them just as they created religion (all religions) for their own purposes. It’s a great way to ensure that men are placed first in the hierarchy and that the poor and ignorant are kept poor and ignorant.

Men get important benefits from an adversarial government system where the conflict and aggression keep many women out. Look at the numbers, men (white men) outnumber everyone else in our Parliament and probably the world over. What about proportional representation across all types of people – gender, colour, etc – and consider a more consensus driven system? Wouldn’t that increase community participation in the machinery of government? Generally, the only response is that this is a democracy and look how great it works. Well, there are many forms of democracy and some are more democratic than others.

Our Indigenous guide in the Northern Territory explained that the way his people were governed was through people who had female characteristics – not necessarily female but also males who were more caring, considerate and thoughtful in their decision making. It was a more communal way of governing and leading people.

In Australia, we have a governing system which applauds mediocrity arising from the combative method of democracy (is it really democracy when the ‘c’ graders rule?). Members of Parliament are not there because of merit, they are there because they were able to work within their political party to rise up through the nepotism and then they were able to convince a hand full more people in one part of the country (their electorate) to vote for them. How does that make you eligible to be a minister of a government department?

Isn’t it time to rethink the way the world works when half (or more than half) the population are women?

It depresses me beyond description to see how many old white religious men are in power – Trump is a fine example. He may not be overly religious but he definitely plays the religion card whenever he can (God bless this one and God bless that one). He is old. He is white. And he is male. But it’s not only Trump and the USA. Take a look around the world. You don’t have to be white or Christian but being old and male certainly helps to maintain control. Take a look in our own backyard.

Stop voting for these people. They are not doing us any good. Why can’t we let younger people take more control? I hear people argue that you should vote for experience but these old men have experience in a past that doesn’t exist anymore. What sort of experience do they have for a future in which they will play no part (we will all die)? They are not invested in the future, they are invested in the past and in their entitlements. Call me harsh but I am not that young myself. I would happily let younger people have more weight in voting. It is their future not mine.

Don’t vote for WORMS.

About huntersoledad

Mother of three. Bereaved mother of one. Survivor and victim of 2009 Samoan tsunami. Could be if would be writer.
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