A challenge

Here’s a challenge for you all.

We have some money left over from building and stocking the Clea Salavert Library at Lalomanu Primary School in Samoa. The holders of that money (the Australian Academy of Humanities – AAH) no longer wish to hold the funds on our behalf and have asked that we work out how to spend the remaining funds.

There are criteria for spending the money – it has to be spent for the same or similar purpose to that for which it was donated, ie, for the children of Lalomanu, for education, literacy, library type projects. The academy can only give the money to a non-government organisation which is registered through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Therefore, if the money was to be given to a particular NGO that NGO would need to be an Australian or international NGO operating in Samoa on the above types of projects.

So far, I’ve contacted ACFID (the umbrella organisation for Australian NGOs working internationally) who have provided me with a list of NGOs but none quite match the criteria (and are all religious which from our perspective rules them out). I have been in contact with the Australian High Commission in Samoa who have assisted and I have been in contact with a work colleague’s sister who works for the UNDP in the Pacific.

We had originally thought of a scholarship program for the National University of Samoa but all the scholarship programs are run through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Ministry of Education and the AAH cannot give the money to a foreign government.

I am planning to go to Samoa in the middle of the year sometime and speak to Lalomanu Primary School about what they may want but usually it’s just a photocopier or printer or something along those lines. The library is stocked and I do not believe that they use it anyway so there is no point in spending money there. The building is fine and doesn’t need any major work.My most recent contact has been with Rotary in Samoa but I haven’t heard back from them.

To those who donated, how would you like the remainder of the money spent?

And to all of you, do you have any other ideas?

I leave you with the challenge – send me your ideas!

About huntersoledad

Mother of three. Bereaved mother of one. Survivor and victim of 2009 Samoan tsunami. Could be if would be writer.
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