Clea’s death day


Today is Clea’s death day. I find the word ‘anniversary’ a bit distasteful as an anniversary is usually a celebration of sorts. My daughter has been dead for six years now and I’m beginning to understand how long a life may be. Before 12 months are out, she will have been dead longer than she had been alive – that is not a long or satisfactory life.

I don’t have much to say today. I miss her. I love her. I would do anything not to have had this day six years ago.

These are tulips from our garden. The Compassionate Friends gave everyone tulips last Christmas to plant in remembrance of our dead children. These are two of the beautiful ones growing in our front yard.

About huntersoledad

Mother of three. Bereaved mother of one. Survivor and victim of 2009 Samoan tsunami. Could be if would be writer.
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3 Responses to Clea’s death day

  1. Bernadette says:

    Thinking of you today Trudie. xxooxxoo

  2. jenncouttas says:


    It’s unfathomable. Each time you write one of these posts I find them so difficult to read and that in itself makes me upset because it can only be a fraction of your pain. I know you don’t believe in an afterlife but I do believe there is an essence of Clea in your words, your memories, even your pain and anger. It is impotent to say I’m sorry for your loss but I stand with you in remembering a beautiful young girl who didn’t get enough time with you or with life.

    Take care, Greg and I are thinking of you all.

    Jen x

  3. I’m so sorry. It just doesn’t make sense. I wish there was something anyone could do or say that would help, but as a bereaved parent I know that we must simply continue to find ways to live with only their memories. It is always painful.

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