Learning Journey

Last night, I went to my sons’ learning journeys. My husband went with them before school.

It is a yearly event at their school. Students from preschool to Year 5 show their parents around their classroom, play games with them and introduce them to some of their learning. Last night, we swatted the right human body systems in answer to questions (circulatory, nervous, skeletal, digestive systems); and, we wrote expositions on whether we agreed to the statement that children should play sport on weekends (I actually disagreed because of the cold mornings – they were unimpressed).

Clea’s last learning journey was about this time in 2009 (actually it was 15 September 2009). We first went to the preschool for my sons’ learning journeys and then we went to her classroom so that she could show us what she had been doing all year. This photograph was taken by the preschool teachers.

I was a bit impatient last night, much to my sons disgust, as I wanted to leave and remove myself from the learning journey memories. I also wanted to get away from the fact that we are now on a constant learning journey; one which we do not want to take.

As my husband’s blog said, we are now learning every day to live without our daughter. This is a learning journey that I would rather not be travelling on.

I am also learning to pretend and to distract myself from the horrible reality that is this life; which has been my life for the past 155 ½ weeks.

About huntersoledad

Mother of three. Bereaved mother of one. Survivor and victim of 2009 Samoan tsunami. Could be if would be writer.
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2 Responses to Learning Journey

  1. SadMama says:

    I hate this journey. I don’t want to learn any of this. I preferred learning with my son on the parenting journey. Ignorance was bliss.

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