The Tooth Fairy

I thought the tooth fairy had stopped visiting our house.

I am a somewhat reluctant liar and find it difficult to continue a pretence which has been found out.

I’ve admitted that the Easter bunny is not real and that Papa hides the Easter eggs (they have even watched him hide them and still have problems finding all the eggs!). I have even come very close to admitting that Santa Claus is not real but I guess the mystery can continue for a little while longer.

I have been evasive about the tooth fairy. One son is certain it is me. The other is not so sure, so when his last tooth fell out he opted for the tooth fairy box.

This is Clea’s tooth fairy box. It sits on a shelf in her bedroom. They are her stickers and her little ‘ticks’ on the sides. It is a sweet little pink box. I am not exactly sure where it came from but I think someone gave it to her. It used to have a key and play music like a miniature music box (she has one of those somewhere too).

Since Clea was given this box, the tooth fairy has not needed to leave money under a pillow or in a glass of water (as happened to me as a child). Even though it is obviously for a little girl, my sons think they need it if the tooth fairy is to leave them any money.

When a tooth falls out, they get the tooth fairy box, place their tooth in it, place the box on the bookshelf near their bunk beds and wait for morning when (if they remember to look) they discover a gold coin donation for their troubles.

They then return the tooth fairy box to its proper place in Clea’s room to wait for the next tooth to fall out.


About huntersoledad

Mother of three. Bereaved mother of one. Survivor and victim of 2009 Samoan tsunami. Could be if would be writer.
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1 Response to The Tooth Fairy

  1. Susan says:

    When I was a child, the Tooth Fairy left her 20 cent piece in a plastic medicine measuring cup – I guess that’s what you get when your mother is a nurse. Clea’s box is a much more fitting receptacle for the TF!

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