Clea Salavert Library Update

We are hopeful that we have achieved our objective of having the Clea Salavert Library integrated into Lalomanu Primary School.

After meetings with the Principal of Lalomanu Primary School, Mrs Maulalo Ioane, and the Ministry of Education, Sport & Culture (MESC), it seems that once I have prepared a letter formally requesting MESC to administer and manage the Clea Salavert Library, then we will not have to deal with the day-to-day administration of the library (and they will not have to wait for us to arrive every year to buy cleaning products and fix window panes).

Our only request to MESC is that the library continue to be called the Clea Salavert Library and that we continue to be considered patrons of the library – we will replace and supply books from time to time and also maintain the library building (as MESC does not maintain school buildings as anyone who has been to Samoa will surely notice).

We met with the Library Association of Samoa (thanks Angela) as well who have always been very supportive of the library and of our intention to have the library under the wing of MESC.

Our thanks to the Australian High Commission, particularly Ian Gerard and Stephen Henningham, who have always been there to assist and provide advice. As well thanks to their wives, Amy and Catherine, who have also added their support.

My only concern is the employment of Mrs Seira Tagi. We have asked MESC to employ her so we are hopeful that she won’t be out of a job. She has been instrumental in setting up the library and helping to catalogue the more than 4,000 titles. Yes, it is a full library and I have asked the Principal to share some of the books around with other schools in the Aleipata district. There are too many books for 150 students!

Having said that, I did give them even more books (only about 10 which Jordi and Omar had chosen) as well as a chess set, hand puppets and yet another teddy bear (thank you Louise McMullen from Amaroo!). I presented these at a very entertaining prize giving day at Lalomanu Primary School.

Jorge continues to update the blog with photos and more details – that’s where you should go if you want to know more about the Clea Salavert Library. This picture was taken from the front of the library looking towards the school. The children are always well dressed in their bright yellow and red uniforms.

Lalomanu Primary School

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